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The Shelter and Non-Food Items Sector seeks to remedy the problems of sheltering the displaced by building housing complexes and providing the components of decent housing for the people by providing rehabilitation and restoration services for housing and infrastructure inside and outside the camps since 2015, in addition to the emergency response activities and the provision of basic non-food necessities that help in Providing a decent and secure life, giving them stability and privacy.

Activities Shelter and non-food items

Ataa Association, in partnership with Merciful Souls association, opens a new residential complex in rural Idlib.

Today, Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief, with the support of Merciful Souls Association and our people in Palestine 48, is opening” Killi Residential Complex “, north of Idlib, with the aim of ending the suffering of the most affected families and moving them to concrete houses before the onset of winter, hoping to continue until the last family is transferred from the camps to a house that preserves their privacy and ends their suffering

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