Take advantage of the reward and contribute by giving to the displaced and affected people.

Our goal in the Ramadan 2024 campaign is to provide assistance to thousands of families. This is the month of goodness.

Ataa’s experience:

Campaign objectives


  • Ten years of striving for those in need made us one of the largest associations working for Syrians, as we provided more than 100 million humanitarian services to those affected in Syria and Turkey,through the implementation of more than 750 projects in various relief and service sectors.
    Since the establishment of Ataa Association in 2013 in order to respond to the Syrian humanitarian crisis, the Association has adopted the principles of humanitarian work through its specialized and trained team in order to provide humanitarian services with dignity and charity.

- Preserving the dignity of families and preventing them from seeking need or being forced to beg.
- Providing Ramadan requirements for displaced and deported families who are unable to provide for their needs.
- Contributing to making the homes, tents, and shelters of the displaced more comfortable and blessed during the month of Ramadan.
- Enhancing the spirit of solidarity and social giving among members of society, as they feel the importance of supporting each other at a time when they need help and support.

  • The displaced residents in camps in northern Syria include:
    • Families without breadwinners, such as widows and orphans.
    • Families that include members with special needs.
    • Newly displaced individuals living in uninhabited areas.
    • Former displaced individuals living in shared public buildings.
Our teams succeeded in reaching more than a quarter of a million people during the past year alone, which contributed to meeting the needs of the people in northern Syria.

which contributed to meeting the needs of the people in northern Syria

In the campaign for the holy month of Ramadan for the year 2023, it implemented many activities that contributed to alleviating the suffering of many needy families inside Syria and Turkey.All Ataa’s offices spread inside Syria and Turkey (Atma – Sarmada – Aleppo countryside – Jarabulus – Al-Bab – Al-Sahel – Azaz – Tal Abyad – Urfa – Hatay) participated in the campaign with various activities and programs in various fields, through the “Your Giving is Life” campaign, which was launched at the beginning of the blessed month

Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association seeks to increase the continuity of love and the spirit of solidarity and social giving among individuals, and to get acquaintance and integrate people into society, by providing the basic needs of families, including food baskets, fasting breakfast meals, purchasing vouchers, and group fasting breakfasts, in northern Syria and southern Turkey. In addition, any other needs necessary to alleviate the suffering of these families and improve their living conditions during the month of Ramadan.

During the previous years, Ataa Association organized many Group Iftars during the holy month of Ramadan, and distributed thousands of Ramadan meals to affected families in camps and villages, in addition to distributing hundreds of Ramadan baskets.

Take advantage ofthe reward and contribute with giving

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