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International, Arab and regional partnerships

During 2020, Ataa was able to achieve excellent results through a range of partnerships with humanitarian institutions and be a member of many humanitarian Entities or the interested in humanitarian work.  
Ataa continuously seeks to share views, raise awareness of the problems and constraints facing humanitarian action, and mobilize opinion and advocacy for humanitarian issues. Ataa has continued since 2020 with its full participation with humanitarian entities as follows:
First, within the cross-border assistance programme “Turkey Cross-border”:  
      • Ataa is an observer member of the Advisory Committee of the Syrian Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) – Office of Gaziantep (SCHF Advisory Board) for the second consecutive year.
      • Member of the Humanitarian Liaison Group (HLG) as a representative of Syrian organizations operating in northwest Syria.
      • Ataa maintained the assessment of “Medium Risk”, which is a very good assessment of local organizations in the humanitarian platform of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) – Gaziantep Office, and Ataa continued to work effectively in humanitarian sectors: (Education – Health – Camp Management and Coordination – Non-food and shelter – Water and sanitation – Protection – early recovery)
      • Ataa is an active member of the NGO Forum and its coordination groups (partnerships, compliance, communication, procurement, advocacy, human resources) Ataa is a member of the Committee of Trustees and the General Secretariat of the SNL Syrian Networks League Ataa is an active member of the SNA Syrian Networks Alliance Ataa Member of the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Islamic World ISDB
      • Ataa Member of the Board of Directors of the Orphans’ Welfare Federation Ataa is an active member of the task forces established to respond to COVID-19
      • Ataa continued to work alongside cluster clusters within project evaluation clusters (CRC) in some sectors, or within the SAG in some others, as well as actively contributing to Technıcal working groups or emerging subsectors to coordinate work in a focused manner.
      • ataa Member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Syrian Civil Society Organizations (USCSO)
      • ataa Member of the Platform of Syrian Associations
Second: Within Turkey’s programme:
      • Ataa Member of Regional Refugee & Resilience3 RP
      • Ataa is an active member of the following Special Working Groups for Syrian Refugees in Turkey (
      • (Education, food security, basic needs, livelihoods)
      • Ataa a representative of Syrian refugees in Hatay and Urfa State
      • Ataa increased its access in the regions of Turkey, where it concluded an agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Education (lifelong education), authorizing it to work in seven states for two years in vocational education and development projects for Syrian refugees.