Amal and the charitable work in Syria… culture and way of life

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A non-profit humanitarian organization registered in Turkey. It was established in early 2013 to provide humanitarian relief to the needy and afflicted.


Promoting the concept of charitable work by building a modern, developed institution that works to meet humanitarian needs and contribute effectively to empowering and advancingthe affected communities


To be the first institution specialized in serving Syrians in the fields of humanitarian and development work, based on our cultural vision and our high human values


Reducing poverty and hunger for Syrian families affected by the war..
Good education in the best available means for displaced and refugee children..
Improving the infrastructure of villages and towns, improving housing conditions to be safe and healthy, providing care, health services and clean drinking water for the population.
Providing decent work for youth and improving the economic cycle of poor and vulnerable societies. .
Coordination and building of local, regional and international partnerships at the highest levels to reach an integrated humanitarian service with the best possible quality.

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