Amal and the charitable work in Syria… culture and way of life

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The education sector works to improve access to education services while giving priority to the most disadvantaged population groups, as the sector focuses on completing the current systems instead of creating parallel systems, with a commitment to their sustainability, which contributes to the return of dropout children to education and ensures the continuation of registered students, and improves the quality of education Provided to them, the sector includes building and renovating schools, supporting the educational process, and developing distance education methods.

Education sector activities in Ataa

More than 465 thousand beneficiaries and 1293 early intervention sessions in Ataa community centers

Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief launched its community centers since the beginning of 2013, with various activities and services. Over the course of nine years, it was the main space for advancing the psychological and social life of the displaced and residents, and the point of access to the population while providing the appropriate place for close interventions with the beneficiaries, which contributes to understanding their needs.

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His wide smile… preceded his words

The 13 year old child ,Muhammad, is the breadwinner of a family of 9, and is eldest of them. He gets up at five in the morning, prepares his supplies himself, sits down and drinks a glass of Mate while his employer comes to take him to his work (building and cladding).

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Samer.. a success story, a challenge, and a story that revives hope

The suffering of children in Syria is increasing day by day, due to displacement, lack of attention and employment, in addition to the visual impairment of some children. 90 percent of the visually impaired people in the world live in places where people suffer from low incomes, in addition to poor water quality and a lack of necessary sanitation facilities. In Syria, one may add the bitterness of displacement and the harshness of life.

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