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Supporting humanitarian cases helps reduce the need for individuals, in addition to focusing on providing prevention and response services to the affected and most vulnerable groups, with an emphasis on integrating women, children, the elderly, and people with special needs in the services provided.

From Ataa Activities in Humanitarian Support

On her International Day, the Syrian woman is an icon of patience, dedication and giving

This occasion is absent from many women in Syria, as women here barely have time to feed their children. They live the bitterness of oppression, displacement and death in conditions described as the catastrophe of the century. This was exacerbated by the earthquake that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey, as many families spend long nights without any form of temporary shelter in the cold and harsh living conditions, in the streets, under trees, and in makeshift tents.

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More than 465 thousand beneficiaries and 1293 early intervention sessions in Ataa community centers

Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief launched its community centers since the beginning of 2013, with various activities and services. Over the course of nine years, it was the main space for advancing the psychological and social life of the displaced and residents, and the point of access to the population while providing the appropriate place for close interventions with the beneficiaries, which contributes to understanding their needs.

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An inspiring story of struggle that invites you to not despair in life

Rafid al-Magouni, from Idlib province in Syria, is the father of four children, bombed by warplanes, lost his right hand and lost his sight in one eye. He traveled to Turkey for treatment, and began looking there for a way to secure his livelihoods and his family. He and his family have no source of income other than his work.

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