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Tender in order for Construction of elevated water tank in Al Madenh Monarh (Harim)

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Tender #:TG-( SCHF-SNFI-WASH-23-53)-T004

ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association invites service providers who have experience in working with humanitarian organizations to submit quotations in the sealed envelope for Construction of elevated water tank in Al Madenh Monarh (Harim) Camp station according to required terms and SPECS

The supplier submitting the tender must verify the following information:

The quotation must be submitted in two envelopes: a technical envelope containing all documents related to the tender without the financial offer / financial envelope containing the financial offer only / (The envelopes are placed within one envelope (the both envelopes should be titled whether it is technical offer or financial offer)

– The safety of closing the envelope tightly.

– The presence of the supplier’s seal and signature on the place where the envelope was closed.

– Address and phone number of the supplier in detail.

Write clearly the tender number on the envelope and the purchase order number.

– Seal the envelope with adhesive (glue / ….).

You can obtain the tender documents by writing to us via the official email and writing the tender code in the address and sharing the company information (company representative – company name – phone number) and missing these details will not be answered on the email.

 [email protected]

Application Deadline: 23/08/2023, at 4.00 pm.

Location of Receiving Offers:

  1. Syria / Sarmad Office.

Sarmada – next to public bath house – near Dr. Mustafa Gaza clinic

Expected Bid Opening Date:24/08/2023, at 11.00 am

For more information, please contact via the email address below:

[email protected]