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Our goal in the "Families and Orphans Sponsorship" Program is to provide cash assistance, care and social supervision for children who are missing a father or parents.


Campaign objectives:

Whom we will help:

Ten years of striving for those in need made us one of the largest associations working for Syrians, as we provided more than 100 million humanitarian services to those affected in Syria and Turkey by implementing more than 750 projects in various relief and service sectors. Since the establishment of the Ataa Association in 2013 in order to respond to the Syrian humanitarian crisis, the Association has adopted the principles of humanitarian work through its specialized and trained team to provide humanitarian services with dignity and charity.

1 - Sponsoring 500 orphans for one year.

2 - Managing and providing sponsorship to families and orphans to preserve the dignity of families and prevent them from seeking need or being forced to beg.

3 - Contributing to providing social care and supervision.

4 - Enhancing the spirit of solidarity and social giving among members of society, as they feel the importance of supporting each other at a time when they need help and support.

5 - Providing entertainment activities, guidance and psychological support for orphan children.

  • 1 - Syrian orphans in northern Syria.

    2 - Syrian orphans affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

    3 - The most vulnerable families.

    4 - Families who do not have a breadwinner, such as widows and orphans. Families containing individuals with special needs.

With your support and assistance, we were able to sponsor today the orphan sponsorship division at Ataa Association

8550 orphans inside Syria & Turkey

We also provide the basic needs of a large portion of them, including food, shelter, health, and education, and we have been able to support them so that they can continue their lives properly and obtain university or professional degrees that will help them rely on themselves and help their families.

At Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association, we realize that comprehensive care for orphans (comprehensive orphan sponsorship) provides what is necessary for orphans to live with their mothers in dignity and self-esteem, because the need begins at the weakest link, which is the orphan child. Then it extends to include all family members, including the mother, who carries the family’s concerns in all its details, so that together these families form a large group in society, and our care for them over time makes a big difference in building society and its strength.

Thousands of children in Syria have become orphans, some due to natural disasters, and others due to the deportation, displacement, suffering, and bombing they have been exposed to. They are among the most fragile and vulnerable members of society, and are often faced with hunger, disease, exploitation, and life in a vicious cycle of poverty that is almost never broken.

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